The main idea is insight into the environment of Czech households. In my neighborhood I often meet women, who take their chores at home too seriously, until it borders an unhealthy obsession. For example some housewives hang socks to dry in pairs using the same color pegs and organize clothes in the closet by color. At first I thought I had met a real rarity. This type of woman has a secret desire for order and harmony, and so they project that to their housework. Work, which is so time consuming that they have no time for anything else. In the photo I have acted in the role of women, which is controlled by her obsession. She is too busy to visit her favorite artist’s exhibition. The artist‘s work deals with geometric abstraction. Her favorite artist‘s work is then projected in to the domestic work. The painter Piet Mondrian, I chose for his manuscript and easily recognizable and easier for the realization of this project.

Year of creation: 2013